Energy in the form of Electricity and Gas is used to light, heat and cool the environment space(s) within your site’s portfolio. The efficient use of these utilities results in significant savings whilst retaining the all-important environmental comfort conditions within your buildings. In addition to this, any reduction in the usage of any fossil fuels will support the government’s 2050 commitment to reduce the United Kingdom’s greenhouse gases by 80%. The effective control of building services provides many opportunities for additional energy savings and can be achieved from the data analysis of the buildings utility consumption meter(s), that are currently configured and logged back to your Front-End Operators Terminals i.e. Gas, Water and Electric sub-meters and presented in our monthly energy reports.

Remote & Site Based

Glenfield Energy Solutions can provide both remote or site-based energy expertise to suit any of your needs and requirements. Get in touch to find out how these systems could work for you.

Condition Based Monitoring

Glenfield will monitor the performance and run hours of any associated HVAC plant integrated to the BEMS. Through our spectrum analysis profiling highlight the specific areas of waste thus giving you the tools to act quickly in reducing wasted energy. Based upon our findings, we shall advise on the efficiency and performance of your HVAC plant and provide our energy saving recommendations.

Application Improvements

Through continual system analysis and physical on-site support, our BEMS Controls Technicians, can provide recommendations on system performance improvements and energy saving related opportunities.

Utility Data Collection

Data collected through logging and archiving enables the measurement of historical usage against current usage.  Data is presented in a clear, user friendly format and is ideal for Energy Managers to communicate important targets and updates to the board, your employees or visitors to your sites. The data collected can also be incorporated through our M&T packages to provide full details of energy usage.